Sunday, January 10, 2010

7 Kids...

It's not easy getting 7 kids (aged 6,5,4,3,2,2, & 1) to sit still for a photo.

But they certainly had a good time! Since we all couldn't get together for our usual NYE because Caroline was sick, we got together last night with the D. and B. families. While the kids still need supervision, for the most part they entertain themselves which lets the adults chat and enjoy a few non-child moments of conversation. Very precious to parents of young children. It's cute to see how Caroline, Emily and Natalie automatically group together and Bryce, since Andrew isn't quite old enough to do boy stuff on his own, kind of goes along for the ride. At one point, the older girls were being princesses and he was their dad. They got all dressed up and he took turns escorting each one down the steps while holding their hands to present them to the grownups. Definitely a little boy who has learned to play along with girl things - much like my brother learned to do at an early age.

I wish we lived a little closer to the other 2 families so we could do this frequently and I think we will start to do this more often than we are now. And next year there will be 8 kids in the pic!!!

Here's a few from years past.....

NYE 2006

I have some pics from NYE 2007 but no group shots - K do you?

NYE 2008

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