Sunday, December 20, 2009


Bryce is currently in childhood hell. The lasagna he refused to eat last night for dinner is now sitting on his plate for breakfast. I've never had to make good on this threat before. But since I made it for both kids and it was enough to motivate Caroline to eat hers, I have to make sure Bryce follows through. He's had 2 small cups of apple juice so I feel kind of bad he hasn't had anything to eat yet. But he's certainly making a big deal out of it. Ugh.

Jason shoveled out most of the driveway before our neighbor came by wielding his new snow blower and helped him to finish the job. We are supposed to meet my parents for lunch at noon for my birthday which will be nice to get out. But if Bryce doesn't eat his lasagna, I'm wondering if I should take it with us. I really don't want to back down on this but I don't want to continue to mar my birthday with a screaming, unhappy child. If not, it will certainly make its appearance on his dinner plate. But then, whatever we're having for dinner probably won't be anything he wants either so it's torture either way. I am so tired of food struggles. So tired.

ETA: Bryce ate 3 very large bites of his leftovers and I called a truce. Caroline didn't eat all of hers last night either, but about 2/3 of it was gone so that is acceptable. It's the principle more than anything else. They both are taking notice though that the possibility of this happening in the future is very good so I'm hoping for more compliant eating from here on out.

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