Saturday, December 05, 2009

Some Late Night Catching Up

The holidays are in full swing here and there just don't seem to be many spare moments right now. So considering I had "nap" between 9:30 and 10:30pm after getting back from our afternoon/evening out and now I'm not remotely tired, I'll do some updating.

Yesterday was Caroline's 6th birthday and she had a very good day. Started with lots of smiles and excitement for the day, but there was a minor major tantrum before school. Jason and I had taken the day off to finish (for the most part) our Christmas shopping and so we were going to take her to school complete with cupcakes to share with the class. For the past 2 weeks she's been asking to buy her lunch for the first time since it was her birthday and they were having chicken nuggets. She had been very excited about it so I wasn't really expecting any problems. But just a few minutes before we were about to leave, she started screaming and crying about the fact that she wanted a lunch from home and didn't want to buy. I knew it was her anxiety about a new situation kicking in, so I reassured her everything would be fine but the fit continued. At that point we ignored her screams, her insistence that the food was terrible, etc. She got into the car screaming, screamed the whole way to school, screamed for the 5 minute we waited in the car for the school doors to open, and yelled the whole walk into school and her classroom. Jason had to threaten to carry her at one point, but I think the awareness of kids watching her finally was kicking in. Her art and gym teachers were outside as we walked by and took notice (and mentioned what a surprise it was to see her like that) and her gym teacher even went in after we left to wish her happy birthday and check on her. (Love her gym teacher!) As soon as I walked into the classroom, Ms R took notice and I handed her the box of cupcakes that I had made and told her I'd explain in a minute. I hung up Caroline's coat and backpack and gave her the folders and told her she knew what she needed to do - she was still semi-wailing at this point. Then I went over to Ms. R and filled her in. I told her I knew Caroline would be fine she just needed to get with it. She reassured me back and I left with Caroline standing in front of the board where you declare what you are doing for lunch (lunch 1, lunch 2, or packed) and hoped for the best. Later at pick up, much to my expectation, Caroline came bounding out of the door with her birthday crown and a huge smile about how great the day was. She wants to buy EVERYDAY now because lunch was GREAT! At $2.90 a piece, I think we'll keep it to a less frequent pace but she's really itching to buy on Monday because pancakes/sausage is one of the options. (What???!?!?)

We then came home and she got to open her first gift from us since who can make a 6 year old wait and it was her "big" gift and I wanted her to have some time to play with it before opening her other gifts from her grandparents. We got her Baby Achoo which is this silly doll that apparently has a cold and sneezes if you squeeze her belly and then says a bunch of annoying things like "Mommy, make me better." You give her the medicine spoon and she declines and then eventually takes it. You can take her temperature too an she asks if she's hot. Kind of annoying to me in that she never actually gets better, but Caroline has been getting a big kick out of her and I think it will carry her through to Christmas. My parented joined us (and my ILs who were here already) for dinner and then some cake and presents. My brother and his wife came too. Caroline did VERY well in the gift department and had a very good birthday. The Jonas Brothers even showed up on her cake AGAIN. Good old JoBros won't let you down. Although I was surprised she didn't want me to make her a cupcake cake, but she liked what she had last year so far be it from me to deviate.

Then today, we woke up to snow. The kids were very excited to watch it fall, but given where we live (very close to the water), we didn't accumulate much. Calling it an inch is pushing it since most of it is a slushy mess and basically is just making the ground more saturated than it already is. Since we were going out later, the kids didn't ask to go out and were just happy to watch the wintry scene from indoors. Then at 2pm, we left to go downtown for another year of Tuba Christmas that my dad always plays in. The Ravens and Maryland marching band were represented as well and because of the wet weather (mostly rain in the city), it was inside. Afterward, unhappy with how crappy the food choices are in the Harbor Place pavilions, we headed out to Austin Grill in Canton where it was not crowded and we had plenty of space. We were accompanied by family friends and the kids were thrilled to find out that Zoe and Taki were joining us for the afternoon. Despite some silly behavior and the cold, wet weather, it was a nice day out. Although after being out all day yesterday shopping, I wouldn't have minded just staying home.

More stuff on tap for tomorrow and I wish we weren't going out again, but it's for Caroline's birthday and she's very excited, so we can't change those plans.

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Erin said...

Happy Birthday Caroline! 6? Wow!!!