Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poor Van

Well, the van is over 4 years old so it makes sense that her perfect record couldn't last forever. I went out after work and she wouldn't start. I automatically assumed it was the battery because of the clicking sound when turning the ignition and because the interior lights were dimmed and the power seat was very sluggish. My boss came out to attempt to give me a jump but when you turned the ignition, it only clicked louder and the engine wouldn't turn over. Jason had to come all the way back to the area and pick me up. He also tried giving it a jump with the same effect - but he knew right away it was the starter. However, I think it might be a battery issue as well because for the past week or so, the display on the dashboard that usually comes on when you open the door and get in hasn't come on until you turn the car on which is something that runs off the battery (along with the lights and power seat issue).

So we left her in the well lit parking garage at work and we'll have her towed tomorrow morning. Thankfully because Jason and I work in the same area we can car pool together and neither of us has to miss an entire day of work. Plus, many thanks to my IL's Jason didn't have to cart the kids out this evening to come get me and my MIL even made the kids dinner and had them fed by the time we got home. And then tomorrow I think my FIL is going to go along with us and go with the tow truck to the dealership where it will be repaired. How's that for helpful????

I'm not completely hopeful that it will be fixed tomorrow but it should be all well by the weekend. (I hope!) The biggest thing will be how much the bill will be - thankfully insurance pays for the towing. If the battery needs to be replaced I know that will irk Jason since that's something that is cheaper to install outside the dealership, but you know how that goes. If they're doing it all there, you might as well get it all done rather than break down on the way home.

I think the worst part of all of this was not getting home until after 6pm and having less time with the kids. Plus, they were tired from being up too late last night (on their own accord) and the little playtime we did have was a bit stressful because they were at one another's throats.

Here's hoping the van is fixed soon - I'm just glad this happened now and not next week so we'll be able to come and go as needed during the days surrounding Christmas. Small favors, I guess.

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