Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Back to Jail

We had to bring the Pack N Play up out of retirement for Ms. Piper. Here we thought we were mostly done with it (except for extended outings) and Piper shows us some new tricks. Aside from trying to get into bathrooms and engage in some toilet play, she now knows how to get up on kitchen chairs and how to push them to anything she wants to get up on. On Sunday, I caught her almost the whole way up on the kitchen counter. Eeek!! I had barely turned my back as I was decorating and there she was. Before she had been confined to small stools and only being able to get up on the couch and sometimes coffee table. But now, she's moved onto bigger and better things and I just can't risk it. So sometimes, she has a little vacation in the old PnP. Sometimes we're using it as a mini-time out spot when she is relentless about getting into something (e.g. fireplace, Christmas tree, electric sockets - yes they are covered). Plus, having siblings that are 3 and 4 1/2 years old her than her, they have much more interesting toys than she does and she is constantly on the hunt. They are fairly good at keeping their drawing items up, but sometimes a stray crayon or marker makes it into Piper's grasp and we're in trouble. The other morning I found her after she had colored all over the chair pad by the computer desk - thankfully a washable marker that wiped off, but she had done quite a bit of work before I caught her.

I love her to pieces and think this age is so fun, but it's also exhausting because she has to be watched every second which is also hard because she runs everywhere and just keeping track of her isn't the easiest.

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