Thursday, December 03, 2009

Oral Allergy Syndrome

Poor Bryce, as if an egg allergy wasn't bad enough, it seems he is showing all the signs of Oral Allergy Syndrome. In the past year, he has has mild oral reactions to fresh carrots and last night, an apple. Not a true allergic reaction in that it doesn't affect him like ingesting eggs might, but it's not very pleasant either. When he ate the carrots (which he had done many times before), he got a rash all over his face. When he ate the apple, he immediately started complaining that his throat hurt and then he started coughing - there was a LOT of phlegm. He was miserable. Thankfully, Benedryl got him back to normal, but WTH?

We talked to our allergist about it and he basically said it's not a lot to "worry" about, but the only thing you can really do is avoid the triggers. It's highly unlikely he'd have any kind of anaphylactic reaction, just one that will make him feel pretty bad.

The reason he seems to have it (Jason has it a little milder), is that he has a very high sensitivity to tree pollens which closely resemble the proteins in fresh fruit and veggies. Thankfully, if you cook or freeze them, usually it changes the structure of the proteins rendering them safe again. But that takes all the fun out of eating raw fruits and veggies. It figures too since Bryce is my child who actually likes a lot of raw produce. And what worries me more is that he used to be able to eat carrots and apples without problems and it sounds like this problem could get worse (and spread to more fruits/veggies) rather than better.

Poor kid. I don't know what is in his future in terms of his environmental allergies but I know the allergist will probably start pushing allergy shots in a few years - something I have mixed feelings on.

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