Friday, December 18, 2009

The Only "Problem" with the New Camera

Life with my new camera is pretty swell. Jason is interested in it and has already taken more photos with it than he probably did in the past 2 years with the old one. That in itself makes me pretty happy. The pictures are pretty darn good and as you can see by the banner, it enables me to take much better photos of the kids (fast shooting is a must for little kids!). We're also going to continue to use my old camera for shooting short little videos since it still has enough battery life to do that and it fits nicely in the camera bag.

The only downside to it? Well, because it is a really nice camera we are much more careful with it and pretty much keep it in the heavily padded bag all the time with the latches latched and up somewhere the kids won't mess with it. Previously we just kept the old one up on a shelf above the computer so I would upload the photos any time I sat down. Now I have to go and get it and unhook it from the bag to get it out. Takes me an extra few moments to free it to take a photo too, but it's worth it to protect it. Eventually the kids won't be so haphazard in their running around the house and things will be a little safer than they are right now.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it's just a difference. The quality of photos we're taking is so much better - I just love the sound it makes as it takes each photo. Now I just need to find some time to really experiment with settings and such because I haven't had much time to get away from the preset settings, although they still take pretty good photos.

I'll probably set it up on a tripod Christmas Eve to be all ready for the extra happiness that morning. Gotta remember to clear the card and charge the battery although I haven't had to charge it since I initially did it like 3 weeks ago and it still says it's at high capacity.

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