Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not So Bad

In the grand scheme of things, car trouble is really not so bad. (Not that I even thought it was this time.) I'm very happy that it happened this week, instead of next, and that it happened in a safe place where I didn't mind leaving my care. I'm thankful that my FIL helped out so much and that Jay and I are able to work slightly abbreviated schedules and carpool until it's worked out.

Anyway, the reason I am thinking even more what a non-issue all this is is because when my FIL arrived at the dealership/repair shop, he found out that the place, which has been around since early in the 1900's (a very early car dealership!) is closing on Friday. They found out yesterday. It's the same place we bought the van from in 2005 and at the time the lot was PACKED with cars. A few weeks ago, we rode by and we couldn't believe how few cars there were. Pretty sad, but not unexpected given the problems Dodge/Chrysler has been having. So while I'm sure some of the people will be transferred, I'm sure there are even more out of work.

Makes me even happier this happened this week since there are fewer and fewer Dodge dealers around now. How long before there aren't too many US cars left?


Anonymous said...

The place off Philly?

~ Viv

Erika said...

Yep, Shafer and Strominger (?). Pretty sad, huh? That place has been there forever and a day.

Anonymous said...

I drive past there a lot now (to get to church and Kenzie's school - and it's the way to my old 'hood) there would be days when like 3 cars were on the lot - that's it! So sad! And no to hear they are closing. Bummer! ~ V