Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is Christmas Over Yet?

Very quick run down b/c I am exhausted and have another Christmas tomorrow.

Christmas 1: Christmas Eve at our house with the IL's. Very nice evening.

Christmas 2: Christmas morning at our house - kids were thrilled.

Christmas 3: Christmas day at my mom's house - arrived around noon.

Christmas 4: Christmas at my grandmother's house up in Western MD with my dad's extended family. However, my grandmother wasn't there because she has been in the hospital with a MRSA infection since last Saturday and likely won't be released for some time. She has diabetes and that is further complicating things. She is 81 years old and this is definitely taking its toll on her. We (adults) all took turns going to visit with her and she seems in good spirits, I hope she recovers quickly - she missed seeing my kids. We arrived home around 10pm after a very long day after leaving here at 9am. We also had a mini-baby shower for my cousin while we were there - she is due 4/16.

Christmas 5: Tomorrow, Christmas at Jason's mom's with her extended family. Thankfully, a no gift day. Whew! Also we don't have to be there until game time so we have a little bit of time in the morning to relax.

I'm dying for a pajama day for the kids to relax and for me to put things away. I love Christmas the but the mess that surmounts from gift packaging (bags, boxes, tissue paper) is really out of hand for 5 people

Kids are being VERY good and were a delight today at my grandmother's, especially considering the 90 minute ride both ways and they all 3 have nasty colds. I have lots of pics to post as well. I'm not sure what's on tap for the rest of the week we have off but I hope it's not much. We have our regular NYE date with our favorite families and I am thinking we'll probably try and squeeze in a visit with Jason's dad's side of the family too since we've yet to see them. I guess when you have such a large extended family on both sides that love you very much and want to see you, this is what happens. I feel very fortunate to have so many so close but it does make you a little weary after a stretch of days like this. The kids haven't even gotten to play with their toys that much so they really deserve some quality play time - and that includes time with new Play-Doh sets. A mess that's usually worth it.


Heather said...

we just got home from Xmas IV. we are all exhausted...including the SCREAMING child who is too tired to settle down and sleep. sigh.

Anonymous said...

And one of these days you'll look back and wonder why you fretted and complained so much. You'll wish for your youth and those little ones again. It's all worth it! Besides it's only a few days and lots of people love having you around. Just breathe....