Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Impromptu Take Your Daughter To Work Day

With school canceled again today and Caroline getting more bored by the second, I decided to take her to work with me. Bryce had his usual morning of school with his Christmas party and since Jason is only working a half day today, I thought it would be nice if she came in with me and stayed until lunch when Jason could pick her up. So far she's played online, drawn on my dry erase board, drawn an impressive rendering of a building here on campus, chatted with all the ladies in my office and scarfed down a bunch of candy. She keeps coming back to my office chatting with me for a minute and then declaring she needs to go back up and talk to Ms. Fran and Ms. Carol who are "so nice." This is a whole new Caroline. She is usually very timid in situations where she doesn't really know anyone, but today she is showing how much she is growing up. Everyone keeps remarking how funny and cute she is and of course, I agree. It's going much better than it did 2 years ago when she was a bit bored after about an hour. I think she might even be upset when Jason comes to get her in a half hour. But she's already made sure to get a piece of candy to share with Bryce and Piper. Now that's a thoughtful big sister.

ETA: This was Caroline's 2nd visit to my work - here is her first. It was just about 2 years ago - look how different she looks. And I thought she was "grown up" then!

Oh and I also noticed how messy my office looks in this pic. SOOO not the case. Having my laptop out for C made it a bit more messy than usual and that big pile of papers you see in the back is my shred pile. I left my office perfectly pristine since I won't be back until 1/4. I even wiped the desk down. Office dust bunnies are gross.


Lisa ;-) said...

She is so cute! My girls always likes to come to work with me from titme to time.

Heather said...

I brought Gretchen with me once and she still remembers all the books and toys I have in my office. Amazing! What a special day for Caroline.