Friday, December 18, 2009

If A Mom Cleans Up the Playroom.....

My time last night kind of reminded me of that book When You Give a Mouse a Cookie - it seems like when I do anything it snowballs into something else.

Last night, I got a little bit of cardio when I wasn't expecting it. When I came downstairs after putting the kids to bed, I decided to pick up the playroom that was obviously obliterated thanks to Piper. Caroline and Bryce do play in there but you can tell that, for the most part, the huge mess is Piper's fault. She is the one who drags EVERYTHING out and just throws it on the floor. I usually get the big kids to help clean up, but last night I KNEW it was Piper's handiwork so I went ahead on my own. Besides, I had already really wanted to go through everything in there to weed out the junk and make room for new toys that are coming.

So I started and at first it was the usual, but then I started seeing random pieces of toys and ended up cleaning out the toybox and bins and having an even bigger mess on the floor than I already had. I sorted everything back to either where it should go, in a pile to donate, in a pile to trash, or in a pile to be taken to the basement and brought back up at a later date (possibly).

I got that done and went down in the basement with my first haul. Ack! The basement, which I knew looked bad, looked even worse last night and I couldn't control myself. Jason's beer making corner still makes me want to scream but I didn't touch any of it along with the big mess of tools, workbenches, and odds and ends. But, I could do something about cardboard boxes that needed to be broken down (big pile waiting for recycling day now) and I could put all the random cords laying out (nicely organized into 2 crates now), and throwing away a few random things that had no business even being down in the basement.

I also started going through all the kids old toys. Found a few things that I thought were age appropriate for Piper now and took them up and then went through all the baby toys and put them aside to donate. (Purple Heart comes again on 1/4!!!) I also went through a bunch of toys that weren't very interesting to the kids to begin with or they had clearly outgrown and wouldn't be of much interest to Piper. I also consolidated a huge corner of stuff that needs to be taken to the dump. A trip to the dump has not been taken in years and it's about time. I told Jason there will be a trip to the dump before we go back to work in 2010. I will not look at that stupid stove hood one more day - it's been there since right after we moved in 6 years ago!!! So when I finally finished, I left a smaller pile of toys waiting to be cycled back in for Piper as she gets older along with a big pile of things to be donated. There was a huge trash bag full of trash and an even bigger pile of stuff that will be going to the dump.

My main motivation in doing this, aside from the fact that I was really bothered by it is that is where we wrap gifts and I couldn't stand it anymore. Jason now needs to do some cleanup on his own of a certain computer mess along with some vacuuming and cleaning up the shop vac and its huge cord.

So yeah, I went to bed a little later than usual last night but it was with some satisfaction that the basement will be a little neater and cleaned out shortly after the holidays. Not that we have any plans to do anything to it anytime soon since we have other house projects that are a higher priority, but I am tired of it being a catch all pit. I've done my part considerably over the past few months of cleaning up all the gift bags/boxes along with managing the kids old clothes (donating and going through to keep a few for future cousins).

Anyone want an old printer/copier that doesn't have a USB plug on it circa 2000? CHEAP to a good home. (Ahem, free even.)

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Heather said...

PLEASE come do that at my house!!!