Thursday, December 31, 2009

I haven't forgotten

I still need to do a thorough run down of Christmas. We had 3 days of not doing much of anything except for picking up around the house. Today we were supposed to be in cleaning mode to ready for our annual NYE get together with the D. and B. families but Caroline woke up at 6am with a 101 fever and body aches. She's my "fever kid" so I'm not too worried. A dose of motrin and she was fine but I would hate to expose the rest of the kids and a pregnant mother to whatever it is she has. I think we'll all get together in a few weeks to make up for it though. I was really looking forward to it since I'm not a big NYE person and for the past 3 years this has been a great way to celebrate.

So instead we'll have a quiet day - I think we'll still order pizza but not from the famous Pizza John's since we reserve that for special occasions. Caroline is looking forward to some "All Star" special on Disney Channel that she heard about on Radio Disney and we need to make a grocery run. We'll probably play some Wii again - had a blast last night on the new Wii Fit Plus games. Maybe I'll finally get around to blogging about our busy Christmas too.

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jason said...

Sober Wii might not be as fun, but we'll give it a go.