Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday Par-tay!

My mom and dad threw their annual Christmas party last night. I think they started doing one sometime when I was in high school and have done one pretty much every year except for last year. (I can't remember why not now.) They generally alternate between a brunch and an evening cocktail party but either way it's always lots of fun. My parents really know how to throw a party and when they do, all their friends and neighbors practically come running. This year they got lucky since had they done a brunch it would have been this morning and it certainly would have been somewhat snowed out. As it turned out, it was a packed house and their new basement and bar was a hit. (The kids even tended bar for a bit.) It started snowing around 10pm and the kids ran outside in their PJs to catch snowflakes on their tongues. Watching them frolic in the light snow amongst the Christmas lights was pretty picturesque and I bet they'll remember it (or I'll show them the photos to jog their memories) for years to come. There's just something about Christmas snow.

Caroline and Zoe:

Bar tending:

Bryce loves his Aunt "Karen":


My little snowflakes:

Snowflake catching, no, Taki wasn't wearing a shirt (and none of them claimed to be cold!):

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Anonymous said...

Nice re-cap! The reason we didn't do a party or brunch last year was because I was ill from mid-Nov. through March!! ..first the flu, then pneumonia, the bronchitits that triggered asthma-like symptoms! This winter is being much better for me..thank goodness!
The basement pics do really look good. Dad did such a fabulous job with that huge renovation!..of course his designer/decorator didn't do bad either :-)