Friday, December 11, 2009

Disappearing Act

What is it about kids and misplacing things? I've been a mother for 6 years and I'm still amazed at the way things migrate around my house thanks to my children. I've noticed it even more since my ILs started watching the kids since the kids are home more and that means more chances to find weird places to stash things. What is it about kids and their strange "reorganizing" behavior?

Caroline is the "best" at it. She has always been my pack rat and she seems to accumulate the most junk - especially little pieces of junk. Happy Meal toys, things she makes, odds and ends of puzzles, games, etc. It makes me crazy if I really think about it especially since she develops attachments to everything, it seems. And then she stashes it all around the house in the many little purses and bags she has. I don't know why I bother to try and organize her room sometimes because within hours of me doing it, she's completely reorganized it herself.

However, when it's her stuff, it makes me a little less crazy than it does when it's MY stuff. Right now we have no idea where a barely used tube of Aquaphor and Desitin are. I'm also on the lookout for a tube of Gingerbread Man lip gloss. (Not that I even really like the lip gloss but it's supposed to be on my dresser for dolling out to kids when they ask.) I have looked EVERYWHERE for the Aquaphor and Desitin. I even remember using the Aquaphor fairly recently too. We use it a lot in the winter on Bryce's skin because of his eczema and it makes such a difference when his cheeks get all dry and chapped. And the Desitin gets decent use for Ms. Piper who gets diaper rash from time to time, mostly thanks to some recent teething.

I don't want to go out and buy new tubes of them because I KNOW they are in my house somewhere. I have looked under everything in each of the kids' rooms and all the other more rational places they could be. I have asked my mom and ILs if they have happened to see either in their comings and goings in my house. But at this point, I'm willing to bet that they are stashed somewhere in one of Caroline's weird collections in a little purse somewhere - one that I haven't seen laying around yet.

And then to add to it, Piper has a new hobby as well - she likes opening all the cabinets in the kitchen (the ones we don't have locks on) and peels off the pads that keep them from slamming. We have a little pile of them on the island waiting to be glued back on once she gets over this phase. So maybe in like 3 years?

What is it with kids and their dislike for order? This is coming from someone who, even as a child, could not STAND to have a game or toy without all the original pieces. My Barbies, before giving them to Caroline, still had ALL the shoes they came with and I had accumulated. All the clothes had their matches too. My kids seem to be missing this gene.

Not that my house is a pristine example of order, we've got some clutter issues from time to time but most of it is a result of the kids. For example, we have a huge pile of puzzles and games piled on top of our big shelf in the living room right now because we have to keep them away from Piper who likes to open every box she can get her hands on and it's making me crazy that we can't just put them back on the bottom shelf where they are supposed to go. Gasp - okay, deep breath................

Did I mention it's making me crazy that my kids don't care that their Christmas Little People aren't perfectly set up all the time? When I played with my mom's nativity set as a kid, it HAD to be set up at all times. My kids don't care. The 9 reindeer from their LP Santa's Sleigh set are everywhere - we lost one of them last year and I felt a bit out of control until he was found.

Yeah, so clearly this probably more my issue than theirs. I just wish I could find those 2 tubes of Aquaphor and Desitin. I wish my little elves would keep their hands off of things that don't belong to them but it's hard to catch them when they do things so secretly.


Erin said...

This cracked me up! I'm the same way. OMG, the LP Nativity set was driving me nuts!!! I finally went out to BB&B and bought a green cloth container to throw it all into so I didn't have to look at Mary hanging out in the field with the shepherds while the innkeeper, Joseph and Darth Vader watched over baby Jesus... seriously.

Heather said...

Ha...its somewhat the opposite by us...Allen and I are not so "orderly" but Gretchen, man, she has a place for everything and you will hear about it if her toys are not in their spot. We have no idea where she got her OCD-tendencies from...its funny!

Erika said...

My children challenge my OCD tendencies DAILY. I think it's why the universe sent them to me.