Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Snow Day

There's nothing like snow in December, especially just a few days before Christmas. And a "lizard" in December? (That's what Bryce called the storm this morning and I couldn't figure it out at first.) Quite a surprise!!

The big kids were pretty excited when they went to bed last night (pretty late 11:30pm because of my mom's party) and when I started waking up around 7:30am, they were already awake, but playing quietly downstairs. I had had a dream that the snow ended up doing only what it did a few weeks ago - snowing a few inches everywhere else and resulting in nothing but slush here. My dream couldn't have been more wrong. The 1 to 2 feet predicted certainly came true. My only disappointment with it is that it was such dry, powdery snow and not the type for making a good snowball or snowman, much to the kids disappointment.

We enjoyed the quiet morning eating breakfast, drinking coffee (grownups) and just hanging out. To keep the kids at bay, we turned on The Polar Express and watched that until a little after 11am. (I had never really seen it and was a little creeped out by it at first - some random man/train showing up and carting kids away without their parents knowing? All I could think was "Don't go with the strange man!! Of course he's telling you that you'll go to the North Pole!" Clearly I have some stranger danger issues.)

While the movie finished up, Jason gathered snow gear (thank you!) and when it was done the kids ran up to get dressed as fast as possible. Bryce was the first one out and the most into it. Jason started shoveling to try and put a dent into the shoveling for when it finally stops (you can barely tell he did anything now!). Caroline and Piper were out next and then I finished getting myself ready and went out. By the time I got out there, both Bryce and Piper had already done face plants in the snow but neither seemed to fazed by it. Piper was actually pretty excited about it and was doing a lot of yelling and squealing. I ran in to get the camera but only took a few quick shots because with the way the snow was blowing and coming down I didn't want to risk getting any of the parts wet.

After taking a few shots, Piper did another face plant but wasn't so happy this time. I brushed the snow off of her face and put her in the baby toboggan and pulled her around the yard and up the street to say hello to some neighbors. By the time we made it back to the house, Caroline was in pain because her mittens were soaked and she had taken them off. I hurried her inside to get warmed up and just as I stood her in the bathroom with her hands in some warm water, Piper came in too. I whipped up some hot chocolate for Caroline and lunch for Piper while Bryce continued to play outside. Finally, about 10 minutes later he came in too. All in all, the girls were only outside for 15-20 minutes and Bryce was only out a little over a half hour. I think if Caroline had had better mittens and there was actually something to do out there (snowman making, sledding, etc) they may have stayed out longer but in a completely flat neighborhood with dry, powdery snow there's not much to do when it's really cold and blowy!

The rest of the afternoon we kept them busy. We watched A Christmas Story while Jason whipped up some of his homemade lasagna. I had wanted the big kids to take naps too since they clearly hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before but that was not happening. They both threw fits at dinner because they didn't want to eat it. Caroline finally managed to eat hers but Bryce will be having his for breakfast. I can't back down on this now because I made the threat to Caroline and it's what got her to eat hers right then (no way was she going to eat it tomorrow morning). Baths were done by 7pm, Piper went to bed, and they were in bed and OUT at 7:30pm. Whew. Jason and I retired to the basement (that he happily did his part in straightening up to match my hard work on Thursday night) where we wrapped all the gifts - kids and family! The only thing I have left are Jason's gifts and the gifts that include baked goods for Caroline and Bryce's teachers. I had only planned on getting the kids stuff done but once you get on a roll, you just go. I make a point of really only wrapping the kids gifts, everyone else gets nice reusable boxes and bags. Wrapping is pretty much lost on me and I think it's really only exciting for kids. Plus, using gift bags from year to year is better for the environment aside from just being a lot easier.

When Jason measured our snowfall around dinnertime, we had 15 inches on the deck, but that's been a few hours. It's still snowing, although a little more lightly. Looks like we'll have a VERY white Christmas. Too bad you can't see many of our Christmas lights thanks to the snow completely burying them. I guess this is common in other parts of the country so I'd bet they don't do much decorating of smaller bushes and such.

So with one hour until 12/20, I say goodnight to 32. I hope I can remember my age better now that I'll be 33. I don't know why 32 was so hard to remember. 31 wasn't a very memorable age to recall either. (And by this I mean just remembering how old I was/am, not the actual year of my life.)

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