Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Prep

Well, after Jason and I finished our shopping day date on Friday, we are pretty much done with Christmas shopping. All that is left is a liquor store run (I love how many of our gifts rely on liquor in some variety!) and holiday baking. I told the kids last night at dinner that this weekend was COOKIE WEEKEND and they got very excited. Of course Bryce's first question was, "Will they have eggs in them?" Silly boy, mommy would never make something to keep in the house that had eggs in it. He almost always asks but I think he might be a little confused since the cupcakes we made for Caroline's birthday to take into school did have eggs in them, but since they were not for consumption at home, I didn't think I needed to go the extra step of making them eggless.

Anyway, I know we'll be making Yogurt Chocolate Chip Cookies again and I'll be making orange cranberry bread too (mostly as gifts). I'd like to make another type of cookie as well but I need to do some eggless cookie recipe searching first. I love a good Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie but I haven't found an eggless one yet (I haven't really looked either). Of course oatmeal raisin isn't bad either. Either way, the kids will be happy for licking bowls and that is probably what is most important.

As for their gifts, aside from a few little stocking stuffers, we have been done for a while. I think they'll all 3 be pretty excited on Christmas morning since the main things they asked for this year were reasonable. Caroline's two main gifts are Lu Lu My Fur Real Kitty and Barbie Baby Doctor. She had originally asked for the Barbie Newborn Baby Doctor (neonatologist?) but when we went shopping all they had was the baby doctor (pediatrician?). Since the thing she talks about with it is that it's Barbie with 2 babies, I don't think she'll know the difference. (I hope she doesn't.) If she does, we can take it back, I suppose. But I don't think she's really seen it on TV so we'll keep our fingers crossed it's not a big deal.

The main item that Bryce wanted was The Bat Cave! It's all he's still talking about so he'll be pretty excited to see that plus we got him some other super hero action figures to go with it.

As for Piper, well, she didn't have much of a list, but she's getting the Playskool Ball Popper and the good old fashioned Fisher Price Cash Register. My mom has one from when we were little and she plays with it all the time at her house, so I figured we should get one for ours.

They're all getting a few other items that I think will be pretty exciting too. Jason and I might have been a little crazy when we got each Caroline and Bryce a Play Doh play set. They love Play Doh sooooooooooooo much and it really does equal some happy playtime, so we're going to suck it up and let them be kids and enjoy it. It's way better than Moon Sand! Ugh - found out last year I HATE that stuff more than Play Doh.

So now to decide what stuff to wrap and what to make into a Christmas morning "display." I think anything that requires much assembly needs to be taken out so it can be played with faster since the kids get pretty impatient just for things to be opened. Also, I know one of my happiest memories was coming down to see the tree on Christmas morning and seeing a few of my gifts just sitting there unwrapped. It was like walking into toy land having both wrapped and unwrapped gifts. Now I know it was just saving my parents some wrapping, but it was pretty exciting to run in and see something that you KNOW was yours just waiting for you. In fact, I used it to my advantage one year and sneaked downstairs in the middle of the night with a flashlight to get an early peek. My mother suspected maybe that she heard someone up but the truth came out when we looked back at the video of us walking into the room that morning. Chrissa and Kevin kind of meander in looking a little awestruck while I run in and make a beeline for my pile of gifts since I knew exactly where they were. After that, my mom always rigged a gate up at the top of the steps and we'll probably keep our gate closed for the same reason since you can't get it open without making a sound.

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