Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bad Piper


This is all we hear recently every time Piper does something that Bryce doesn't like. Yes she's being mischievous and yes, it's usually something she isn't supposed to be doing, but she's not bad. She's just a 17 month old with a lot of curiosity. Bryce doesn't see it that way. At all. To him, she's BAD! She barely touches his stuff and it's "BAD PIPER!" He's also been known to do some pushing too.

Caroline is a little more gentle although she does get angry with her, she just doesn't do the immediate labeling. Caroline will usually just pick her up and move her at which point Piper screams and throws a fit because she's been removed from the thing she wants to do.

Piper is definitely a handful, I'll give them that. She climbs on anything she can find and is into everything she thinks looks interesting. Yesterday she got her finger caught in the tape deck of their little boom box. (I don't think we have any tapes so I'm sure none of them know what it's for.) Right now she's playing Evil Knievel and is standing on her little bike. She's already shoved a bunch of toys down her ball popper too. Lately, I've taken to calling her The Decimator because she decimates every area she goes into. Books pulled off of shelves, kitchen stuff pulled out and dumped. Our playroom usually looks like a disaster these days because she wreaks havoc and then moves on without really playing with much. But, she's 17 months and it goes with the territory. Plus, when I've had a 17 month old before, I've never had a 4 and 6 year old and all the little details that go along with those ages. (e.g. Legos, tiny Barbie shoes, Thomas railway setups, etc.)

It's a good thing she's pretty darn cute though. It's the only thing saving her from the gypsies. Oh and we do love her to pieces. That helps.

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