Friday, November 13, 2009

Things I Love Right NOW!

Google Docs - well, I pretty much love everything Google, but the Google docs thing is pretty cool, especially for Christmas lists and such.

Toys R Us Wish Lists - I love that I can browse their site and when I find things I like, I can just add them to a gift list. Not that we'll buy all their toys from there (or that any family member has to), it's just a great online reference.

International Delight Coffee House Inspirations - Generally, I'm a CoffeeMate girl, but I tried these and LOVE them - especially the Carmel Macciato. Problem is, they don't sell them at the Giant we go to so on my odd trip to Food Lion I always make sure I get them!

Modern Family - Finally, a Wednesday night show to look forward to! I love this show - it's like a family version of The Office. It's just kind of random and I love the characters, especially the gay couple who recently adopted a baby girl. I always hated Ed O'Neill on Married with Children, but he's really appropriate for the role as the father/grandfather in this show. And I usually hang on for Cougar Town afterward, which isn't as funny as Modern Family, but it's growing on me and makes me laugh.

Gingko Triloba/Biloba trees - For the past 5 years, there are these trees on my way to work that I absolutely love seeing in November. They are the brightest yellow I've ever seen a tree get when turning for the fall and I never knew what they were! On a gray November day, they are like a sunshine on my path! And then on the sad days when they shed their leaves, the ground is covered in yellow, it's beautiful! Finally the other day, I got a photo of one and sent it to my cousin who has her masters in Botany. She said she needed a picture of a leaf to be sure and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get one since I drive by them every day. But then randomly yesterday in the parking garage as I was leaving work, there next to my car was a car COVERED in the leaves of my favorite tree!! I took a photo of one and sent it to her and yep, Gingko!! She said you have to watch out for them though because the female versions of these trees bear "fruit" in the summer that smell like rancid vomit. Apparently when they are young and people plant them, you can't tell the difference between a male or female variety and many people end up cutting the female ones down because of the smell. Just a little fun fact for you.

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Heather said...

A tree that smells like vomit. Go figure?! The leaves are beautiful though. SO, tell me about Google Docs...what am I missing?