Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thankful for Thanksgiving

We had a really nice Thanksgiving at Jason's grandmother's house on Thursday. Even though it was at her house, my SIL (Kelly) and her husband, Jesse, did most of the cooking since they live across the street and wanted to take the burden off. Just as they did 2 years ago, they did a wonderful job (very good Thanksgiving fare!) and we are so appreciative of them coordinating it all. Even if my kids didn't eat much of it - but what kids ever eat much at big family dinners? Mine never do!

We started the day off at home watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade while we tinkered about and got ready. I made the most wonderful pumpkin pecan oatmeal (for me) and then made a delicious new recipe for macaroni and cheese and some pumpkin fluff. Recipes to come..... We headed out around 12:30 when we finally got the kids moving. Dinner was delicious and after we ate a bunch of the "younger folk" went over to Kelly's to hang out and play some Wii and meet their new dog, Penny. The kids ended up jumping on their Aunt Kelly's bed, something they aren't allowed to do at home, so I suppose that was a special treat. We stayed until about 5:30 at which point we left to make a quick stop at my mom and dad's because my grandmother was down visiting and I wanted to make sure she got to see the kids. We stayed there a little over an hour and in that time the kids got hungry again, I guess when you really don't partake in much of the big meal, you would get hungry around dinner time again while the rest of us are still feeling quite full.

Then on Friday, as has been the tradition since we've lived in this house, we spent the day decorating for Christmas. The kids were over the moon to see their Christmas Little People, the family Christmas tree, their little Christmas trees for their rooms, and their stockings. Jason and I realized though, that we're going to have our hands full this season since Ms. Piper is into EVERYTHING. As usual. While we were setting the tree up, she kept getting behind it and then when we were decorating the tree, she cried every time I hung up one of her decorations because she wanted to play with it. But within a few hours, we had pretty much everything inside hung up and the halls were decked with swags of artificial holly.

While the kids were really excited about the decorating and Christmas coming, they were even more excited about the jumpy birthday party we were attending later that evening for a friend from school. You'd think they'd never been to one before based on their excitement, let alone having attended one barely 2 weeks ago. But it was a good place for them to get their energy out and they came home and passed out after their heads hit the pillow.

So on tap for today is ICE! down at the Gaylord National Hotel and I think I am more excited about it than the kids are. But then, they don't really understand what is on tap. Hoping my camera battery holds up for a few good shots. Even freshly charged it's only good for about 30 or so photos now - but I guess after 6 years that's to be expected.

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Anonymous said...

About 30 mins after we had out dinner Makenzie asked for a PB&J - and devoured it! I then asked my Mom who was sitting by her at the other end of the table how much she ate - my Mom said nothing! Poor girl was starving! Whoops!

This was the 1st black friday that I didn't decorate - I hosted a playdate and I'm still unsure where the tree is gonna go! Maybe tomorrow...........

Can't wait to hear about ICE!, Tori is still a little young but maybe next year, if they do it again! Hope your camra holds out and you can get some pics (keep hinting for a new camera for Christmas!)

~ Viv