Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thank you, Stranger Lady

Jason had a bunch of yard work to do so I decided to take the kids out for a few errands. First up, Piper's hair cut. Her hair is looking a bit wild these days and since it's still baby fine/thin, I like to keep it fairly short so it can thicken up before growing it longer. Took her to Great Clips and I was amazed that she sat in the chair by herself!!! The stylist is the one who encouraged me to try and I was a little skeptical since Caroline and Bryce didn't sit alone until their 3rd or 4th haircut. But, once again, Piper prove she's her own person and didn't even reach for me once or cry. She was looking around a good bit, but she mostly sat still and did a great job. I was so proud.

While Piper was getting her trim, Caroline sat in the waiting area reading a book and Bryce stood near me watching everything. I was very happy with their behavior in a very busy salon and was even more proud when I was getting ready to go and a lady sitting in the waiting area stopped me to tell me how nice and well behaved my children were. I smiled and said, "Thank you - yes, they can be pretty good in public." And she smiled and said, "They are VERY well behaved, you deserve a lot of credit."

Didn't hurt that there was a little kid there acting like a little bada$$ to make mine seem even calmer, I suppose. But I was really pleased with them and told them so. They each earned themselves a drink reward at Target and I felt so bad when we went in and the the slushie machine was broken. They settled for a organic vanilla flavored milk box each and I was happy to avoid trouble on that change in plans too. They were pretty good in Target too and we got in and out of there pretty quickly. Even if the cashier forgot to put a few items in my bag when I left. I went back as soon as I noticed and Target didn't give me any problems and let me get the missing items - so big thanks to them too.

So thank you stranger lady for making my morning. For as difficult as the kids can be at home sometimes, it's nice to know that when I take them out in public they tend to fall in line and I think most parents will happily take that.

Pics of Piper's haircut to come.....

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