Friday, November 06, 2009


So, here's the story to go along with my Facebook updates....I got a call around 3pm yesterday (school dismisses at 3:15) from C's school nurse that she'd poked herself in the eye and was REALLY upset. The nurse was concerned by how upset she was but that C's eye didn't look red or anything. Since it was the end of the day and my MIL was going to be picking her up, I told her it was fine to give her a cold compress and hand her over to my MIL who I called to let know about it. I figured, she just poked herself and she's being her usual dramatic self.

I got home at 5pm to find that Caroline wouldn't move off the couch and was really upset and in pain. Family doc was obviously not seeing patients by that point so we took her to Patient First thinking it was an abrasion. Doctor there took a look and wasn't 100% sure what he was seeing behind the eye and wanted to be extra cautious, you just don't mess with vision! So he wanted us to see an ophthalmologist ASAP and in Baltimore, where do you go for ophthalmology? Wilmer Eye Clinic @ Johns Hopkins- which is good and bad. (THE best eye place in the world but it's also down in one of the worst areas of the city. My grandmother actually went there a lot in the 90's for a very rare eye disease, I'm very thankful to have that place so close!) Anyway, we go to the pediatric ER, get triaged right away and then we wait and wait and wait. Caroline fell asleep and we just waited. When the doc finally came in, C wouldn't wake up and it was making us crazy b/c we didn't want to have to wait for the doc to come back again! So thankfully I had thought to pack a juice box in her purse as we left and that was how we got her awake, Jason was amazed at my forethought - he said "Now THAT'S a mom!" I'm so glad I packed that, it was the only thing that got her awake! Finally 2 pediatricians checked her out with a UV light and saw the abrasion. They didn't see any other signs of trauma but they wanted the opth. to see. She came in a bit later, did a very thorough exam (and Caroline said it was kind of "fun," the goofball!) and gave her the "all clear" for just an abrasion. So we were discharged at 11:15 with antibiotic eye goop and a patch for her eye for sleeping. Jason's supposed to take her for a brief follow up very early on Monday morning.

The funniest thing of the evening was after we were seen by all the docs and were just waiting to be discharged. She was more talkative and awake. The story the whole time had been that she was horsing around in class and poked herself with her finger. Well, then the story changed. "Yeah, first I poked myself with my finger and then I poked it with my head band. That really hurt!" So it sounds like she scratched her cornea with the headband. Not that it changes anything, I just wish she'd told us the whole story to begin with. We kept joking with her that she only did this to have some mommy/daddy alone time. She thought that was pretty silly.

So we made it home before midnight and all passed out. Jay went into work and I'm going in a little late b/c I have something at work that I HAVE to do today but I'll be home after. My IL's are coming down to take care of the kids since C is off school and that's the normal routine.

She's still in some pain and walking around with a cold washcloth on it. She's also not wanting to open either eye and is kind of doing a funny looking blind walk around the house. She's always been my most dramatic child when hurt or sick, so I'm not surprised. I just saw her smile a little more and kind of dance around, so I know she's starting to feel better.

Oh and I think it's kind of interesting that I have an ER trips tag and I've had to use it a bunch of times. (And it doesn't even cover Caroline's ordeal at 15 months when she was admitted for dehydration with rotavirus.) WTH? I guess this is just having kids although I don't think I ever went to the ER as a child. Let's hope I don't have to use it much more!


Lisa :-) said...

Wow! What a day! I know when my husband did that to his eye he said it hurt really bad! I hope she feels better soon :-)

Katie said...

Ouch! What a night! Glad things will be okay though.