Sunday, November 15, 2009

Piper and the Wawa

Just as a sidenote, we call blankies in our house "wa was" because when Bryce was about 18 months old, that is what he named his blankie and so that is what we call all blankies now. And no, there is no association with WaWa known for its gasoline and convenience store.

Piper has all of a sudden developed love for her very own wawa and it's pretty cute. She'll go upstairs and find a way to pull it from between the bars of her crib and drag it around with her. When we rock her for bed, she likes to have it snuggled up next to her and when you put her down in the crib to sleep, she rolls over on her belly with the wawa snuggled up under her. And if she cries in the middle of the night, you'll find her snuggling with it through her tears. (Katie, it's the blanket you gave her - she loves her pony blanket!)

Piper has another love though. It's one I don't like to speak of. It's, well, the toilet. Piper loves to stick her hands in toilets and play in the water. We try our darnedest to keep those bathroom doors closed and to remind the kids to ALWAYS flush the toilet, no matter what. (No mellowing in this house!!) She also likes to play with toilet paper, but not as much as that toilet. She gets into a bathroom and makes a beeline for that toilet. There have been a few nights where it seemed she was on a mission to get to a toilet for some water play. We'd barely turn around and SPLASH she was in the toilet. Ew. I try my best to keep the toilets as clean as possible too, but you know, no matter what, it will never be toilet germ free. When I think of her stance when she's playing in the toilet, it kind of makes me laugh because she'll be holding the seat up with one hand and leaning into the toilet with the other and makes this funny motion with her hand to splash around in there. Neither Caroline nor Bryce ever played in the toilet, so clearly this is new territory for us. We considered toilet safety locks but given the fact that Bryce has his own issues with getting to the bathroom on time, we realized that a toddler with a wet toilet hand is better than pee all over the floor and walls.

Anyway, fast forward to this evening. You can probably see where this is going. All 3 kids were bathed and I was in the kids' bathroom brushing Caroline's hair and I heard Jason telling Bryce he needed to try and go to the bathroom before bed. A few moments later, I heard the toilet seat in my bathroom going down and I assumed that it must have been Bryce. Then I finished up with Caroline and heard Jason and Bryce picking out a story. "Um, where's Piper?"

I look down the hall and saw our bathroom door was closed. And I always know what that means. There was Piper dancing around the bathroom with wet hands. MAN!! I washed her hands off and took her into her room to go to bed. But then I noticed her wawa wasn't in her room and I started looking for it and asked Jason where it was. She had been dragging it around after her bath and I figured it was in one of her siblings' rooms. Nope. And then the thought occurred to me where it might be, thinking no way was it there. I walked into our bathroom and opened the toilet and saw the pink pony adornment looking up at me - the bowl was filled with her wawa. I let out a gasp and then a laugh. The kids came running. So I went and got a bucket to get it out and it's now in the spin cycle as I type this. Piper had to have a stand in wawa tonight. She didn't seem too bothered but she didn't snuggle down with it the same way. She's still pretty into her pacifier so that's still her #1 in order to go to sleep, but that thing's days are numbered and I'm very glad she's got a #2 now for comfort. I just hope she can stop putting it in toilets.

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BJ said...

That is priceless!! I am sure she will love to hear that story when she gets older :)