Friday, November 13, 2009

Our H1N1 Report

Well, fingers crossed that we avoid H1N1 in this house. Caroline will be getting the H1N1 mist in school on Monday (Thanks BCPS!) and Bryce will be getting it at his allergist's on Monday as well. Our family doctor still doesn't know when he'll get it so I tried the allergist and was surprised they had it - of course it's only for those that aren't able to get it anywhere else or are in a high risk group because of asthma. Thankfully for Bryce, having an egg allergy qualifies him. I'm just feeling kind of bad that he has to get another shot. But, it's definitely for the better. Now to find one for Piper! Baltimore County is now doing online registration for them, so I signed her up today and will just wait to hear. Hopefully sooner than later! Thankfully don't seem to be doing any of those wacky clinics where thousands of people show up and wait for an ungodly amount of time. So I'll keep checking in with the doctor in the meantime in hopes of securing one for her.

Obviously, I'd like to get one too and work might actually come through for me soonest. They've been giving them to the high risk groups recently and I'm hoping it will open up to everyone else at the next one. (But I'll keep taking my extra Vitamin D in the meantime!) Although it seems most of the "fanatical" people have managed to get theirs so I'm hopeful that the insanity has died down some. Also, they're reporting that the disease seems to be slowing down some in many states, but given what this type of epidemic has done in the past that doesn't mean it's over by any stretch. In more recent history, there was one that followed pretty much the same pattern as H1N1 in that it laid low over the summer, surged in fall, quieted again in late fall/early winter, only to surge again in mid-winter. If the kids all get vaccinated, I can say that I'll be much more at ease since they are the ones I worry the most about and hope to keep well.

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Anonymous said...

If you get an appt with the Balto Co clinic's online the site is right downt he street from your work (in the building across from Channel 2 and Pei Wei) ... so for doses 2 for B & C and dose 1 for P maybe you can have someone bring them up to you at work. It really didn't take too long. Good luck!

~ Viv