Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Water

Seriously, I should have a blog tag just for our water main breaks that leave us without water. I think this is the sixth or seventh time we've been without water since we've lived here and considering I had never experienced a water outage before, that's a LOT.

This water main break isn't the one that usually breaks - it's affecting a larger area and we do have a slight trickle from time to time. Sometimes it will fill up a toilet, and sometimes not. As soon as the pressure was dropping, we filled up the tub in our bathroom so we'd have toilet water for flushing. Thank goodness we did because the kids seem to be needing more bathroom time when there isn't much water to go around.

Went to my mom's for dinner and baths and we'll see what Caroline's school does tomorrow. Obviously no water equals no school. I'm just glad I got a shower at my mom's so I don't have to go to work feeling like a grease monkey.

I'll take no electric any day over no water. Although I feel slightly more fortunate this time since we've had a trickle and that is way better than absolutely none.


Lisa :-) said...

Man, that stinks! (no oun intended) LOL!!! We don't have water everytime the electric goes out and that is all the time! (I hate being on a well). I know it had to be a real pain having small children. I always have the girls that are mad because they can't do their hair!

Lisa :-) said...

*pun For some reason I couldn't go back and edit my word.