Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Tall Baby?

In the kids' bathroom we have a growth chart painted onto the wall and we have measured each child at 2 month intervals before the age of 2 (once s/he could stand on their own) and then every half year after that. Piper has now been measured at 12 months, 14 months, and 16 months and there seems to be a trend. She's my tallest baby yet!

At first I thought it was just a fluke but it continues each month. I wouldn't say she's leaps and bounds taller, but she's clearly taller than Bryce who was a little taller than Caroline at each age. And then to add to my suspicion, we watched a video of Caroline recently that showed her at the same age as Piper. In the video, Caroline is wearing an outfit Piper wears now, except the cuffs on the pants are rolled up. When Piper wears it, she doesn't need to have them rolled up.

So my baby is the biggest? I wonder if that means she will be the one with genes from Jason's tall family? My side of the family isn't exactly known for being tall although my siblings aren't short (I think maybe they got it from my mom's side of the family since my dad's side is most definitely NOT tall.) It will be interesting to see if Piper outgrows Caroline. I was outgrown by my sister in high school. I just hope she doesn't outgrow Bryce. He really wants to be tall like Jason and I think it might be insulting to have your sister be taller than you (and I don't want Piper to be 6 foot!)

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Jammie J. said...

Genetics are so weird, aren't they?

Being 6' isn't so bad. :)

Of course my brother was always taller than me, and topped out (ha ha ha) at 6'5". So I had to marry someone who is taller than him, at 6'6".