Sunday, November 08, 2009

Christmas Wonderland

I love doing Christmasy outings around the holidays probably because my parents always did things like that with us when we were kids. We always do the Tuba Christmas thing down at the Harbor because my dad plays in it and maybe one other thing. But this year, I think we're REALLY doing something fantastic! We just bought tickets to ICE! down at the Gaylord National Hotel down in DC for Thanksgiving weekend. I'd never heard of it and that's because it's a new hotel and this is the first time they are hosting ICE! ICE! (the exclamation point is a part of it's name, I'm not just exaggerating), has been a regular part of the holidays at other Gaylord Hotels and this year it's the first time it's coming to DC. It's a part of the Christmas on the Potomac event that the hotel hosts and ICE! is one of the main attractions. Just click on the link and you'll see a link to the video. I'm sooooooooo excited! My mom was the one who heard about it and sent me the link but I think b/c the word "Gaylord" was in the title and it didn't say it was from her, I wasn't sure what it is. Whenever I hear the word "gaylord" I think of Gaylord Focker, RN.

Anyway, aside from the ICE! exhibit, the 18 story glass atrium will be entirely Christmased up complete with light displays, trees, music, and of course, an indoor snow shower or two. So we're going to do down in the later afternoon and then stay for the other festivities. Nothing like a little excursion to Santa Land to get you in the mood for the holidays.

The kids are excited too and seem the most interested in the ice slides. I'm just psyched to see the place in general and can't wait for a photo op or two. So if you're in the area and looking for something to get you in the mood, this might just be it!


Katie said...

Erika! Thanks for this tip on the ICE show! I think I may get tickets too! I have been wanting to visit the new National Harbor for some time now and this will be the perfect reason to!

Erika said...

YAY K! I wanted to tip all my DC/Balto friends off! It looks soooo cool and the location of that hotel is just amazing.

Speaking of cool holiday outings, I know they used to do Christmas White House tours - I wonder if they still do them? Obviously not easy to come by tickets for something like that but that is on my holiday dream to do list someday.