Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas vs. Candy Holidays

The other day Caroline, Bryce and I got into a discussion about what their favorite holidays were. And without much hesitation they both stated that Halloween and Easter were their favorite holidays. Honestly, I was kind of surprised. So as I probed them further to get to the bottom of this odd response, I found out that they like Halloween and Easter better than Christmas because you don't get much candy for Christmas. So, candy trumps toys????? What????

I actually asked them this, "So do you guys like candy better than toys? Should we only put candy on your Christmas lists this year?"

Bryce says, "Well, I still really like toys. I just like candy a LOT!!!"

Then Caroline backtracked a little and said, "I think I just like ALL the holidays a lot." She then went onto say that she loves how the Easter bunny puts their presents on the kitchen table kind of in a little display. Um, I guess they didn't notice the display Santa does under the tree every year.

So there goes my plan of just putting mounds of candy under the tree and nothing else. Guess they still want some toys. Bryce also told my mother a few days later that he likes how the Easter bunny hides his presents and eggs at Easter so she told him she'd hide all his gifts at her house.

I think it surprised me so much because as a child there was NOTHING to compare to Christmas and I never really remember being that over the moon about candy. My kids kind of fiend for it every night after dinner since Halloween. Sure, I remember gorging on chocolate around those candy holidays, but I don't think it was ever what made them such great holidays.

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