Saturday, November 28, 2009

Caroline's Photo Update

I found out from the photo company that a retake date hasn't been scheduled which means either they aren't doing them or it will be a while before they finally do. So, based on things all of you and a few others have said and my own getting used to the shot, I've decided I'm going to keep them. I've already put the 8x10 up in our family room and I'm going to order a few more for the grandmothers and great grandmothers to have.

It's definitely not her best photo, but it's not terrible. When I was putting it in the frame last night, I told Jason that it's a shame it's "just not her" to which he replied, "Well, it actually kind of is." which is kind of true. She can be a sparkly, happy diva in some photos, but other times she comes off as low key and kind of mellow because she doesn't always love having her photo taken - especially in this post-preschool mentality she's in now. So maybe this really IS her and the photo just managed to capture it. Anyhow, we'll look back at this one and giggle a lot more in the years to come. My brother did the "pie face" look for a few consecutive years and my mom always kept those and we still think they are pretty cute.


Katie said...

It's good to have it just to have it. It really isn't bad, just not perfect. Wait till I post Em's shot. She's smiling and all, but it just isn't her. Same sort of deal. I'm thinking of keeping it just to keep it though.

Anonymous said...

:) At least she didn't stick out her tounge!

And I'm taking my own advice (finally!) and I'm getting the sister shot of the girls (taken a week ago) that isn't quite perfect and not doing a retake tomorrow at a different studio! It is what it is :)

~ Viv

And what's the pie face?