Sunday, November 08, 2009

Buds Forever

Jason and Bryce's relationship is a really special one that I'm seeing grow more and more each year. I think because Bryce is the only boy, they have a pretty unique bond being the guys of the family. Bryce on several occasions has randomly made the comment that he and daddy are "buds" which never fails to warm my heart. Plus, Bryce is always thrilled to dress just like Jason or do things the same way that Jay does them. He wears his Raven's jersey every Sunday just for Jason (he's never sat for more than 5 minutes of a game) and he always looks out for things like the Terps and other sports things he thinks Jason would like.

Well the other night they were laying in bed together after reading Bryce's story and they were doing the usual Bryce chatty, giggly pre-sleep talk. As Jason was getting up, he asked Bryce if they were buds and Bryce replied, "Yep, BUDS FOREVER!" Jason got quite a big smile out of that and told me pretty much right away when he came out of the room.

Bryce is just something else - he has such a cute way of expressing himself and is so endearing and seeing how much he looks up to Jason is pretty much one of the cutest things about him. I'll be very interested in seeing the two of them together as the years go on.

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