Monday, November 16, 2009

Brycey Shoot

We had Bryce's annual photos taken at JCPenney this year because I am so absolutely done with Picture People and his school didn't do them this year. I was pretty happy with them and true to form, Bryce went in, did exactly what the photographer told him and was picture perfect in minutes. The photographer's assistant laughed and said she didn't even have to get up from her chair which meant it was the easiest session they'd had all day. Bryce has always been Mr. Photogenic and easy to get good smiles out of at a professional photographer. He's not so great for me since he likes to pour on his cheesiest grins and not sit still.

So anyway, here are a few low resolution looks at his photos - we only ordered a few of them, but I think they are all pretty cute (obviously biased). He picked the outfit on his own - do you really think I would have put him in a Ravens jersey for pictures? I tried to get him to pick the Terps jersey when he was picking out his clothes and I had a feeling he was going the jersey direction, but since it was Sunday and Daddy was wearing his, there was no persuading him otherwise. He also wanted to wear his black cowboy hat which I only let him wear before and after pictures even though he did look pretty darn cute.

This is the one we ordered the most of:

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