Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bryce's Quote of the Weekend

On Saturday morning while Jason and Caroline were at the grocery store, I was cleaning bathrooms and Bryce was helping me. He always enjoys cleaning the tubs and since I use Method cleaners that are non-toxic, I have no problem letting him help, even if I still have to go back over what he did to get it truly clean. But when he was done, he got out and I gave him a towel to dry off. As he's drying himself he says,

"Look, mommy! Look at that hair on my leg. Yep, I'm getting bigger. I'm going to have lots of hair on my legs like daddy. Daddy is pretty hairy. Big Dad (Jason's dad) is really hairy too. He's so hairy, he doesn't need to wear a coat in the winter!"

Of course I got a good laugh out of that and so did my MIL when I relayed the story to her later on. We told her that Bryce will probably give Big Dad a hard time this winter if he catches him wearing a coat. Leave it to Bryce to make the connection between being hairy and not needing a coat.

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