Monday, November 09, 2009

6:30AM and All Is Fine

Caroline had her followup with the doctor we saw on Thursday evening at 6:30am this morning. I'm sure most people would have had a deer in headlights had a doctor proposed an appointment that early, but not Jason. While we weren't required to come that early, she gave it as an option and since Jason already leaves the house at 6am most other mornings, it was kind of a no brainer since it meant minimal traffic and little interruption to our regular schedule. And thankfully, Jason didn't balk at the fact that it would mess up his morning routine and get him into the office a little late.

So last night, Caroline wore "comfy clothes" to bed instead of pajamas so Jason could just pick her up out of bed and put her in the car without having to get her up any earlier. I set out a juice box and cereal bar so she'd have a snack in case she got hungry and there was a longer wait than expected. Thankfully, there was no traffic, Jason had an easy time parking, and they saw the doctor right on schedule. The doc is a resident and said she could fit Caroline in before rounds, so it was great that it all worked out and Jason and Caroline walked in just before 7:30.

Her eye is completely fine now and we're hoping Caroline will exercise a little bit more care with her head bands in the future to avoid scratching her eye with them. I also hope that she'll be more forthcoming with the details of her future injuries as well. Although I know I'll be sure to ask a lot more questions than I did this time. (It came out over the weekend that she really didn't poke her eye and the scratch was from putting her headband on and the teeth on it scratching her eye. So no blunt trauma to the eye and hence we probably wouldn't have been referred down to Wilmer because of that fear. But whatever, we got to see a specialist and go to bed with a peace of mind, so it was worth it.)

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