Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will the shoe drop?

Just got a call from the woman who run's Bryce's preschool/daycare. Two kids in his class are officially confirmed out with H1N1. His class is like 6 or 7 kids and the two kids affected are two of his best buds. So now we know that if he starts with a high fever, that's what he's got. We'll just wait and see, I suppose. Nothing we can do at this point. I did just pick up more motrin and tylenol to have on hand the other day, so we'll be prepared if needed. Usually though, Caroline is the family germ magnet and is the one who brings stuff into the house and infects the rest of us. The 2 boys weren't at school today and Bryce is off tomorrow so with any luck, maybe he didn't catch it. Apparently there is only a %20 transmission rate if you are exposed. And while I would certainly worry if any of the kids got it, I most worry about Piper being that she is still so little. The smaller they are, the faster they can go south. And then of course, I worry about exposing my FIL to something even though it seems he's had a flu like illness all week anyway.

It's gonna be a long flu season....

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