Wednesday, October 07, 2009

West Nile?

Caroline is back to school today. She woke up this morning and her temp was 99. Not a fever but not the usual. By the time she ate breakfast though, it was down to 98.8. She said her head hurt a little too. Yesterday her temp only went up to 101.0 and came down quickly with ibuprofen. She was tired and, I think, a little achy. My suspicion? West Nile Virus. She got bitten by a lot of mosquitoes this weekend and when I did a little searching for what the symptoms are, she's pretty textbook for a typical mild case. Also the incubation is 2 to 15 days so that puts her in the window too. I remember a few years ago when the media had us ALL in a panic about West Nile virus which was kind of dumb because most of us have had it at one point or another and probably didn't realize it because it's so mild for most people.

So maybe it wasn't WNV, but maybe it was. Either way, I think she's getting over it and even went to school today. I'm glad because today was her day to share her favorite stuff animal with the class. True to form, she picked her "favorite," or what I expected - her newest one. This little stuffed turtle she named Herman. She fell in love with Herman at the Aquarium a few weeks ago and when I refused to buy it for her because she had already settled on a stuff pink manta ray, she was quite upset. My MIL wanted to know why she was upset and I told her and she said she'd be willing to buy it for her for another time, which I was fine with as long as she didn't get it right away and realize she could get something from her grandparents if she cried enough. So last week, my MIL gave it to her for having such a good behavior week at school with really good drop offs too. Caroline was thrilled and Herman has been cuddled and loved quite a bit.

She tried to convince me to take a 2nd friend with her too (the pink manta ray) because they are best friends, but I told her the paper said one and that she could tell the class about Herman's best friend.

So we'll see how she does today and hope she makes it through without another random fever popping up. My mom is taking care of the kids today (when the older 2 are out of school) since my MIL is attending to her mom who has been in the hospital since Friday. Here's hoping for a clean bill of health for both Jay's grandmother and Caroline today!!

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Anna said...

i had totally forgotten about West Nile! wow. glad she's feeling better though!