Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Sign That Only a Mother Could Love

Piper still doesn't say much. And it all sounds remarkably the same with very subtle differences in words that we can sometimes hear, but sometimes now. So we are working with her on a few signs and while she's kind of lukewarm on the ones that we use at the table, she's taken to a few of the non-food related ones pretty well. For example, book - I swear I probably only showed that one to her a few times and when I ask her if she wants to read a book, she does the sign and runs to her room. And then this afternoon, I went over to take her down off of a chair she had climbed up on (again) and could smell that she had clearly pooped.

I started walking with her up the steps and I said, "Piper, you pooped!" As soon as I did it, she started doing the sign for poop! I was so proud of her because I had probably shown her that one less than 5 times and here she was doing it! She just laid there on the changing table smiling and all of proud of herself as I gushed over how smart she was.

She's still not back to herself. She's pretty congested in her throat and has lost a good bit of her range when she shrieks and screams. I told her she's lost "her pipes." It's kind of pitiful, actually. And she wants to be held about 90% of the time, so that's a bit tiresome as well. I thought maybe last night she was having a hard time breathing but as long as she's not crying, you can hear her airway is clear.


Erin said...

okay, so now i have to look up the sign for poop.... the curiosity is getting the best of me. also amusing to note that my captcha for this comment window is 'blwout' rofl!!!

Erika said...

Now that's irony! (I once got our last name as a captcha on a blogger blog!) Weird!

Heather said...

I am so excited Piper is picking up the signs!