Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sick Star

I had a feeling it wasn't a good sign last night when right before dinner Caroline complained about being sooooooooooooooooo tired. At first I thought it was just a ploy to not have to eat her dinner since she didn't like what we were having, but then I realized it was probably something more. Her temp was just below 100, so while not alarming, not a clean bill of health either. She mentioned her head kind of hurting too so I gave her some ibuprofen and she was feeling better within the hour. Although when it was time to actually go to bed, she went RIGHT to sleep. Again, not the usual for Caroline.

When I went to bed, her temp was normal so I crossed my fingers it was just a fluke. But this morning she woke up and her temp was 100.2, still below the usual diagnosis of 100.4 equating a fever, but still not normal. She said nothing else hurt, but that she "just didn't feel well." I dispensed more ibuprofen and waited knowing the best choice was to just keep her home.

The only reason I debated was because with this being HER week of "Star of the Week" she would be missing her special time. She was a little upset about it when I told her I think she needed to stay home and remembered she was missing time during "her week." Thankfully having my MIL doing daycare for us 4 days a week now, I didn't have to worry about taking any time off, even though I would have. So she's at home resting on the couch and we're just waiting to see if any other symptoms develop.

And of course, the obvious worry....H1N1. I know it's rampant in other areas of the state and right her in parts of Baltimore but as far as I know it hasn't really surfaced at Caroline's school. Not that it's the only place she could have picked it up. It's funny though because it seems like Caroline is almost always the first person in our family to get sick when something goes through. Colds, stomach viruses, etc. I'd say about 90% of the time, it's Caroline that is the first one to become symptomatic.

I told my MIL not to give her any more meds today unless the fever actually comes back. I know it could be anything at this point so a fever without any other symptoms is a bit of a mystery. And of course it makes me wonder how long she'll be sick and out of school. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day where Caroline takes her favorite toy/stuffed animal to school to share with the class and I know she'll be really upset about that since she already had plans of what she was bringing.

Her first day as the star went really well. She was so excited that she got to sit in the teacher's rocking chair and talk to all of the class. She showed all of her family photos and said it was "great" to be up there. I don't know what was planned today but I have a feeling it was probably something about asking her a bunch of questions about herself since that is how the class writes a story about her and is what they bring home as part of homework to work on some reading comprehension.

I really hope this is short lived. But I have serious doubts.

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