Friday, October 02, 2009

Santa Cam

A few months ago, Bryce decided that all the motion detector devices at most stop lights are cameras that Santa uses to watch kids. No idea where he came up with that, but it seemed funny to me that Santa is only using cameras out in traffic - especially considering kids don't drive.

So last night at the unhappy dinner table (Bryce refused to eat and Caroline ate very little), Bryce started talking about Santa watching him and I said something about the Santa cameras at the stop lights and that maybe Santa was watching him from other places. Soooooo, when they went upstairs to rough house on empty stomachs, Jason got out the webcam that we barely use and stuck it up on top of the cupboards. (Not plugged into anything, of course!)

I figured it might be a while before they noticed, but I was wrong. This morning, Caroline asked, "What's that round thing up there?" "

"What do you think it is???"

"Is it a camera? A SANTA CAMERA?"

She thought it was pretty amusing and started waving at it and jumping around. Bryce was less than enthused. He kind of got mad about it. Then when I went up to finish getting ready, Caroline came up to ask if there was a camera upstairs too. I told her no, that Santa had to rely on Mommy/Daddy for the upstairs report.

So when my IL's arrived for the day, they were greeted by two very excited kids yelling about a "SantaCam!" I made sure they both knew it wasn't plugged in and it wasn't a "NannyCam!" Ha ha!

I doubt it will make much of a difference, but it's a novel concept, probably not too much different than the "Elf on a Shelf" that I've considered getting in the past. And yeah, it might be a little early for the Christmas talk, but they're the ones that brought it up, I'm just cashing in on it.


Lisa :-) said...

That is cute. Let me tell you, my kids thought for years (and many of years) that we had cameras all over the house to see if they were behaving. If they came to us to tell on one another, we used to tell them that they better be telling the truth because I/we could look at the tape in the camera. Man, later when they realized that we made up the cameras they were shocked. They thought it was genius! I think they will probably use the same story on their children.

Bracken said...

I love it!!