Friday, October 23, 2009

Piper the Bug

I feel kind of bad not having blogged about Bryce or Piper lately - it's been all kindergarten land, all the time it seems.

So the big decision of the week? What will Piper be for Halloween? I had automatically decided at first that she would be a bee since both Caroline and Bryce were a bee on their first "older baby" Halloween (Bryce was 2 months his first Halloween and Piper was 3 1/2 months and were a little pumpkin.) Caroline's first Halloween, she was 11 months old and wore an adorable little bee costume, so for Bryce at 14 months, he also wore the bee costume. Piper is 15 months, and it fits her just fine. But then I saw the lady bug costume in the back of her closet that Caroline wore at 23 months old. I LOVE that costume and figured Piper would just wear it next year but then I realized that next Halloween, Piper will be 27 months old and it probably won't fit her since it just fit Caroline at 23 months (and it's sized 18 months).

I put it on Piper last night and it's a pretty good fit and she looks pretty darn adorable in it. So now what to wear? I want the bee costume b/c then all 3 kids have worn it, but I want the lady bug costume because it will probably be the only chance to wear it and it is SOOOOOOO cute.

I'll take some pictures of her in both and thankfully she can wear the same black pants for both too. If only all dilemmas in life were this cute.