Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photo Irritation

Picture day at C's school is on Tuesday and of course, wouldn't you know, that's gym (P.E.) day. Like I don't already have a hard enough time convincing her to wear nice clothes, but on gym day? Bah! But I already asked her if she would let me "do" her hair that day and help her pick out her clothes. All we gotta do is get a decent looking shirt on her without too many hair accessories. (She's been known to wear upwards of 3 headbands along with a bevy of clips and barrettes.)

The initial "warning" about photos came home today with a brief description of prices and packages. I'm a little frustrated though because aside from wanting my own 8x10, I also like to give my mom and MIL an 8x10 since that is what I've always given them and what they have the frames for. However, most packages only have 1 8x10 and the one that has 2, is a little expensive, comes with the photo CD and has like 1,203 wallets. Who needs all of those? There's no 8x10 a la carte option available either. Grrrrrr. I'm trying to figure out how to finagle the existing packages where you can remove 5x7's and 2x3's to get the price down and then ordering a few different packages. Of course it all ends up being about the same price as the "deluxe" package. I've thought about getting one with the CD too and printing the 8x10's for my mom and MIL but then I have no idea if they'll be high enough quality to even do that. Of course after the nasty way Caroline treated my MIL tonight, maybe she won't want such a big photo of Caroline in her house. (Caroline had some consequences for that behavior!)

And of course, there's the big question - what background to get! I remember as a kid always being mad my mom wouldn't let me pick one of the fancier backgrounds. I mean, who can forget the one with the white background and wicker high backed chair? (I always wanted that - I think it was called "high class" or something like it.) And then there were the years with lasers in the background and the year with the black mini-blinds with the colored light shining on it in the back and of course the good old arm shelf. At the time I cursed my mother for always making us get the neutral bluish gray background. But you know, now, I thank her for it. It wasn't flashy, but it was neutral and didn't distract from us. Plus, they don't look quite as dated as other kids. So we'll be going with the neutral gray and hoping for the best. I've just gotta figure out the photo packages.


Erin said...

You crack me up...

I have to confess... i went w/ the cheapest package i could find that had an 8x10 (still spent $27, i think) and i plan on scanning it and printing my own. It's so stupid that they make you pay BEFORE you see the picture... c'mon!

I did the gray background too, for the same reason. Who can forget the "Hailey's Comet" background of ... was it 1985? ;)

Erika said...

YES, Erin, the comet! Ha ha ha! I did forget. I think that was around the time they started doing bi-annual photos. Before that it was once in the fall.

A few years ago at the beach (pre kids), the house had one of those same wicker chairs from the "high class" photos and I made everyone let me take their photo in that chair for nostalgia's sake.