Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paint is Food

Last night, the kids painted pumpkins and I sat them all up to paint. Caroline and Bryce went right to it while I got it set up for Piper's first time. She was very intersted since was watching them so I gave her a brush, a little bowl with some paint in it and then walked to the other side of the table.

DUH! She took that paint brush, loaded it up with paint, and stuck it directly in her mouth. EW! Of course, she did, she had no idea it was a paint brush and not food. I mean, she's sitting at the table, she's got a bowl with something in it, what else would it be. So I flushed her mouth out and Jason found that the paints weren't toxic, so we carried on and this time I gave her a demonstration. She did pretty well except once she figured out how to paint her palm, that's all she wanted to do.

Bryce and Caroline painted their pumpkins really well and I was most impressed with Bryce going right for a face on his. I'll have to post a few pics later. I think we'll carve Piper's on Thursday night since we want to have one for the porch on Saturday evening with a candle in it and we want the seeds to eat.

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