Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leftover Lady

Oh Miss Caroline! Why do you try us so? The ongoing saga of the girl who barely eats anything continues. Each day, we pack her a snack and a water bottle along with her lunch of usually PBJ, yogurt, fruit snacks, and a juice box. And each day we wait to see how much comes home.

Some days, she barely takes a sip of water and doesn't bother with her snack. Mind you, snack is at 11am and she doesn't have lunch until 12:50pm. So you'd think by lunch, she'd be starving, right? Doesn't seem that way. She usually takes a bite or two out of each half of her sandwich, eats all the fruit snacks (of course), eats some of her yogurt, and some of the juice. How do we know she's eating this much? Well, she tries to bring it all home!!!

I don't mind the sandwich - it's in a reusable container, but the yogurt and juice box? MESS! One time she put a half eaten container of applesauce back in her lunch bag and brought it home. When we wondered why there was a wet sticky mess on the counter where her lunch box had been, we only had to go to the source to find out what was going on. I think we finally broke her of the half eaten yogurt habit when we had a similar spillage incident with that. But then yesterday was the big mess. When we started the school year, I was giving her the water in her lunch and the juice box in her snack but we decided to switch that up so there was more room in her lunch bag. One evening, I got in to pack her snack for the next day and found a half drunk juice box upon which I promptly told her to just THROW IT AWAY! Fortunately b/c it was in her backpack, it stayed upright and didn't make a mess. I figured that was all I needed to say, right?

Well yesterday, she decided to put her half drunk juice box back in her lunch bag. I guess after lunch she walked out of cafeteria and the juice spilled everywhere. All over her clothes, down her tights (her striped tights that went "oh so well" with her black heart dress - ha ha!), and into her shoes. The lunch box was soaked too. Her teacher washed out her lunch box and washed Caroline off and put everything into a plastic bag to take home.

I just don't get it. How many times do we have to remind her to just throw it out?! And why isn't she eating? She still gives me the excuse that she's too busy to eat, but I'm not buying that. I'm thinking that until she learns to tell time, she's going to have a hard time gauging her eating. No wonder in preschool she ate everything we packed - they had a quick silent lunch and then they could all play.

I'd just like for her lunch box to come home dry for once instead of smeared with food.


Heather said...

Just write the teacher a note telling her the Caroline really isn't eating her lunch and could the lunch monitor/aide/teacher-on-duty/school nurse/school counselor keep an eye on it. We do this for a lot of kids who are really interested in the social time but NEED to eat! She needs to eat to learn! Its really not an "over the top" request, really.

Erika said...

Thanks, Heather. That's what I just did. It seems it's her "social" issue and lately another girl in her class giving her a little trouble. Nothing truly concerning, just annoying her. We'll see....