Thursday, October 22, 2009

Leftover Lady Pt. II

So upon suggestion by my teacher friend, I sent a note into Caroline's teacher about her lack of eating and her recent concerns about another child in the class bugging her. Nothing truly problematic, but annoying to Caroline and it seems to have stemmed into some weird competition between the two of them.

And just like clockwork, I just got a phone call from C's teacher, Ms. R. Ms. R popped her head into the lunch room and took a look for herself and also talked to one of the lunch ladies (do they still call them that?) about trying to keep Caroline focused. Ms. R said that she noticed that where Caroline is choosing to sit is at one table with her back to the other, so then she's constantly turning around talking to other kids. Ms. R kind of chuckled that she just seems to be having fun and eating isn't her priority (as we've always known with Caroline), but that they are going to watch her and remind her to eat her lunch first. I really am getting to like Ms. R who has taught kindergarten for a long time and is obviously pretty laid back about things. And Caroline really likes her, so that helps too.

I also asked about the classmate she's having trouble with (E.) and she said that Caroline actually did tell her today that E. stuck her tongue out at her which Caroline has told me on several occassions that E. has done previously when the teacher isn't looking. Obviously we all know having someone stick their tongue out at you is really no big deal, but I think it's indicative of this girl's dislike or mixed feelings for Caroline. Not that every kid has to like her, but based on things that Caroline has said, it sounds like E. is really hot/cold with her - one day she's her best friend and the next day she's mean to her and trying to get her into trouble. I keep reminding Caroline just to keep hanging with the other kids that she really likes (all of whom are the well behaved kids in the class, often getting blue stars themselves) and she will be okay. But I guess E. is a little relentless at times and Caroline isn't able to handle the social nuances of a person who is nice one day and mean the next.

I'm looking forward to volunteering in the class next Friday for the Halloween (er, fall) party to see some of this myself. Plus, my mom is chaperoning the pumpkin farm field trip one day next week as well, so I'm sure she'll get to see some of the interesting social dynamics as well. Ah, kindergarten - such an interesting microcosm.


Katie said...

Sounds like C has a frenemy on her hands.

Erika said...

That's exactly how I referred to her to my SIL last night. She had one in preschool too. I remember having a few at that age as well. Little jerks!