Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heart Obstacles

Caroline was so jazzed about what they did in gym class yesterday, she even opened up to Jason about it before I got home. (Usually she saves that stuff for me, so I'm glad he got to hear it first this time!)

She usually enjoys gym so this must have been extra special and honestly, I think it sounded pretty fun too. When they got to gym, they noticed it was all set up into some kind of course. Apparently, that day they were learning about the heart and how it functioned so the gym was set up in the shape of a heart (with all the atria, ventricles, lungs, and veins) and you had to go through it and along the way you learned how it worked. I'm sure it was especially helpful for the older classes starting to learn about anatomy and I was surprised how much Caroline got out of it.

I haven't gotten all the details of it, but I know that part of you had to ride through on one of those old skool scooter things that you sit on, put your feet on the low handlebars and turn it from side to side. She said you rode it through the lungs where you picked up oxygen and then back to the heart. She said they all took turns and it was sooooooooooooooooooo fun. In fact, I think it might have worn her out a little bit.

I never did anything like that in gym so this was really interesting to me to hear it's more than just dodgeball and whittle. Does anyone else remember whittle? I wonder if they still do that.

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Heather said...

That sounds really, really awesome! I have never seen that done before! What a great cross-curricular activity! It surely made an impression on Caroline!