Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween at School

On Friday, I met up with Caroline's class just after they finished lunch so that I could help them get ready for the Halloween parade and party. I arrived at 1:30 thinking they'd be back in the classroom after lunch (lunch is 12:50-1:20 - they have snack at 11am), but nope. No one to be found. I found the teaching assistant and she pointed me in the direction of the bathrooms which was where they were, all lined up taking turns in the bathrooms. I don't remember but I guess they don't send all the little kids into the bathroom together at once. For as long as it took sending them in a few at a time, I know why. Egads, kindergarten teachers have a lot of patience.

So we got back to the classroom and it was DRESS UP time. I love how completely unaffected kindergartners are. Ms. R told them to get their costumes and they were falling all over one another just to get me to help them. Most of them had no idea who I was but they didn't seem to care that I was helping them to get their costumes on. Maybe I give off the mom vibe??

After barely getting all 19 of them together, the parade began and we all went outside to watch the few other classes walk by before we joined the line. I snapped a few photos but since I didn't bring my camera and only had my BlackBerry, they photos aren't of the best quality. I didn't bring the camera b/c it hasn't been very trustworthy lately and takes photos really slowly.) Caroline was so cute in her costume - she was thrilled to be a cat. They didn't want kids wearing makeup for the parade/party so she had a cat mask, but she didn't want to wear it. I still thought she looked pretty feline-ish. Then after seeing all the other kids, we went inside for some fun time and the party.

Ms. R had them all change out of their costumes - whew - and then they all sat on the carpet and did some stories, singing and dancing. I liked Tootie-Tot and Spooky Walk, myself. Caroline knew them well so clearly they've been singing them for a while - I'm surprised she never sang them at home!! (She sings everything else!) Then they broke for party time and I got to sit at Caroline's table and chat with her classmates - what funny little girls! I made special friends with 2 of them - they were holding my hands and telling me secrets. And before we knew it, it was 3:15 and time to go. But before we left, I had the chance to take a quick photo of Caroline's "Star of the Week" composition that they wrote up when the class interviewed her. They haven't had another star since (I think the teacher spaces it out through the year and not during 4 day school weeks.), so her's was still up and I was so glad! Nothing that surprising, but it was cute to see that she loves going to the Outer Banks with her family - just like I would have said as a kid.

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toddler said...

LOL... her classroom really DOES look just like Ben's!! that's downright eerie...

Also, Spooky Walk is Ben's absolute favorite! I got video of his class doing it on friday!