Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 09

Well, here's a whole bunch of pics from our evening. My parents, ILs, SIL & husband, and BIL arrived around 4:30 and we all chowed on some pizza while handing out candy to the few early trick or treat kids while trying to keep the kids' excitement to a dull roar. Thankfully, they were in all really good spirits since they all had NAPS. Yes, my 4 and almost 6 year old NAPPED! They needed it though since they were up until almost 10 last night and up around 6am this morning. The only rough part of the day was when Piper, 30 minutes before everyone arrived took a tumble off the couch landing face first into the side of a leg of the coffee table. She has a nice bruise on her cheek and forehead and a considerable bump on her head as well. Poor muffin! Finally, around 6:30, the kids couldn't take it anymore and we made our way out to get some candy. The rain had stopped shortly before and stayed away the whole time. Caroline was considerably braver this year and only took a little coaxing at the scarier houses. Bryce, on the other hand, was petrified from early on since we had a tough encounter with the guy down the street's scary house. (The guy had two boys Bryce and Piper's ages, but I guess he's really into Halloween and Bryce wouldn't even go to his side of the street. Piper shrieked when he came out in his painted up face and costume.) I kept reassuring it was just Mr. S - Little S's daddy - but that didn't help. So the rest of the night Bryce was pretty timid at even the regular houses. We were only out for an hour, but both of the big kids had fairly heavy pumpkin heads when we got home. So all in a good night.

Caroline as a sweet kitty:

Caroline letting her inner kitty out (I left the red eye on purpose!)

Piper modeling the bee costume that her older siblings wore for their first "walking" Halloween.

Miss Ladybug (You can see the bruise on her cheek)

Spidey and Bug - he would not wear his mask.

The single photo of him in his mask. I had to bribe him.

Getting all 3 kids to look at the camera on Halloween, pre-trick or treating is impossible.

Take 2 (of many)

Happy Spidey with his loot.

I'll have to do a comparison entry with Caroline and Piper and the ladybug and all 3 in the bee.

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