Friday, October 02, 2009

First Field Trip and Star of the Week

Caroline brought home her very first field trip permission slip today! Wahooooo! I was all psyched and ready to take off work but then I realized it's 2 days before the Halloween parade and party at school that I already volunteered for (and took off for) so I really can't do 2 days in a week. Plus, only 2 parents are allowed to go so the chances I'd even be able to go are slim. I'm pretty sure all 4 of the kindergarten classes are going since it notes only "2 chaperones per class" are able to go. Also, it's not an entire day or I'd probably be even more inclined to want to go. But I'll take Halloween since I'll get to help in the classroom and get the kids into their costumes which is pretty darn cute in and of itself.

Also, the book fair is coming up in 2 weeks and I'm going to go into work late that day so I can go to the book fair with Caroline and her class. So yeah, I can't be at the beck and call of the school schedule, but I can manage to do as much as I can. I can't imagine what this will be like when I have 3 kids in elementary school for 2 years. Egad!

The other interesting part of Caroline's day (other than the fact that she got another blue star and hence earned a prize from the prize box) was that she was named "Star of the Week" for next week. Each child in the class gets a chance at being the star of the week - it's basically like show and tell for each kid for one week. On Monday she has to bring in a bunch of photos of her family. Then on Wednesday, she has to bring in her favorite toy or stuffed animal. (I smell trouble with that one.) And then on Friday she has to bring in her favorite book - again probably more trouble. Then one night during the week, the rest of the class gets a worksheet about the "star" and has to answer questions about him/her and do some other little activity.

Caroline is thrilled to be the 2nd star picked and I'll be very interested to see what she deems her favorite toy or book. Caroline has the oddest choices sometimes when you ask her those things and she'll usually quickly pick a completely arbitrary item/book and then after the fact, have remorse that she didn't pick her true favorite. (Hence the trouble.) I'm going to start working on her this weekend about her favorites because, honestly, it will take her that long. She has soooooooooooooooo many stuff animals and she loves them all soooooooooo much. I would be willing to bet right now she will try and sneak out the door with more than one so I'll have to warn my MIL to keep a close watch. (Did I tell you we already found some secretly stashed lip gloss in her back pack? Yes, we have a tween already! Ack!)

I'll be back to report on her favorites and all the excitement that ensues by being the center of attention.

Oh and they also got a new kid in Caroline's class today which puts them up to an even 20 now. Her name is Emily and Caroline has declared that they look exactly alike - blond hair, blue eyes, except Emily's hair is longer. She was also thrilled that they had the same spoon in their lunch boxes. Oh the excitement! I didn't hear anymore about "Seffy" so I wonder if her new friend will be replaced by Emily? Or maybe they can all 3 be BFFs? Time will tell but I'm just fascinated by this kinder friend thing.

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Unknown said...

Ben's class does SOTW too! :) (same deal, bring in favorite book, stuffed animal, game... etc) He hasn't been picked yet and he is SO very annoyed about it. LOL! Do you think the county schools allow ANY deviation from the curriculum in these classes? It seems like Ben and Caroline are doing the exact same things to the letter!

Where is their field trip? Ben's first is to the zoo this coming Friday! I opted not to chaperone because it's Simon's school day... plus, I'm not a huge fan of the zoo. LOL. Holding out for the BMA at the end of the year. ;)