Monday, October 19, 2009

Congrats K&K!

Just wanted to congratulate my brother, Kevin, and his wife, Kelly on their new home! They just moved in on Saturday and they are official homeowners now! Unfortunately, they did all their moving in that HORRIBLE weather this weekend and were up pretty much most of the night on Saturday dealing with a few wrenches in their moving logistics (and on Kelly's birthday, no less). My parents helped them out a lot so they are now in and unpacking. I took the kids a few weeks ago to see it when after their bid was accepted, so we've gotten to see it, but I'm hoping we'll get to squeeze in a visit this weekend to see it now that they're in.

They stayed in the area too, so I'm very happy that they aren't far off so we'll still get to see them a lot - I know the kids are especially happy for that. They love some UK and AK!

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