Friday, October 16, 2009

Caroline's Little School

Ever since Caroline started school she, all she wants to do is play school. She's the teacher (obviously) and she pretends that she's Ms. K, who is one of the other kindergarten teachers at her school. I know she likes her own kindergarten teacher (Ms. R) but something about Ms. K must be special to Caroline (maybe because she's younger and "prettier?"). When she pretends she's Ms. K, she wears one particular dress and a pair of her dress up high heels. She told me that Ms. K always wears dresses and high heels.

Anyway, she added a new twist to it last night when I got home from work. She'd been up in her room and had cut all these little pieces of paper out and on each one was a little face she'd drawn and a letter. (Caroline has gotten WAY into cutting and pasting since starting kindergarten - so much so that I am a little bonkers by the little scraps of paper she leaves everywhere.) I asked her what they were, and she said that they were her students. When I looked closer, I noticed that the letter on each "kid" was the kid's first initial. She had about 10 of them and all of them had a story. My favorite one as the little girl named "Hyper" who is a little girl who loves to play with Piper. Hyper and Piper get along so well. Along with "Hyper" there are other kids who are based on real kids in Caroline's school, although not in her actual class. She seems to be fascinated with kids that aren't in her class for some reason too.

I ask her periodically how things are going with her students and she always gives me behavior updates on them about who is on red, yellow, green, and blue star. This morning, most of the class was headed toward a blue star and she was very pleased with that. She was most happy about "A" who had been in the "focus room" the day before and on red but now he was doing really well and almost a blue star.

It's funny to watch her with those little pieces of paper and seeing how much she cares for them. Bryce gets in on the game too and pretends he's "Mr. L" who is Caroline's art teacher at her school. I'm not quite sure how he fits into her little scenario but most of the time when they are playing school, they play really well together and it's funny hearing the things they come up with. Last night at dinner, Jason was given the name of Caroline's principal and when we were eating dinner, we were in the cafeteria together.

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Unknown said...

Once again, insert "Ben" into this post and this is my house right now. LOL! And yes, the scraps of paper are driving me INSANE!!!