Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Biscuit and Little Pup

We finally got Caroline's latest book from the monthly Scholastic order yesterday and Caroline couldn't wait to read it at bedtime. It's one of those "I Can Read" books and she had very high hopes for herself. So we laid down together and she read the whole book! I had to help her with a few of the words with pesky hidden sounds, but other than that, she sounded them out herself. I was very proud of her and I could tell she was too. Although it was pretty cute when she finished, she asked me to read it to her again since she said that when she's reading, she has to concentrate so much on reading the words that she missed the actual story. I happily obliged and all was happy in bedtime reading land - well, except for my coughing attack mid book. I think she was so jazzed by her new skillz that she decided to do a little independent study after lights went out because I could hear her up there reading after we went downstairs. My big girl!

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Heather said...

WOW! The fact that she can identify that it is hard for her to comprehend when she focuses so much on decoding is seriously advanced thinking! Most kids aren't able to verbalize that! GO CAROLINE!!!