Monday, October 12, 2009


Piper caught whatever it is that Caroline had last week although I think she got it a little bit worse. Poor baby had a fever all day on Friday and while it only lasted about 24 hours like Caroline's, her's was a little higher and topped out around 103 while C's was only 101 at the highest. And like Caroline, once the fever abated, the weird throat congestion started. Caroline also complained of her throat being sore, but Piper can't tell us that. But as of Saturday morning, Caroline's throat was better but she still had a little bit of a hoarse voice and had some congestion in her upper part of her lower respiratory tract. Piper started with it on Saturday too but it hasn't gotten any better, and I think maybe it got a little worse. She's not coughing very often, but the random time she does cough it sounds a little "barky." She has no range on her voice so all of her laughing, shrieking, crying and screaming (happy and sad) all come out practically silently. Nothing sounds as pitiful as a hoarse baby! And she's just not herself, everything makes her cry and run to me for consoling. My left arm is sore today from carrying her around so much this weekend. 22lbs of baby in one arm will do that to you, I suppose.

UPDATE: I just talked to the doctor and since she hasn't had anymore of a fever, he wants to just kind of wait and see. He even said this could potentially be "THE" flu, but I have no idea. Honestly if this was "the" flu, I'd be grateful it wasn't that bad. But I'm more apt to believe it's some other random viral thing. So we'll run the humidifier tonight and hope she starts feeling better soon. As luck would have it, she has her 15 month check up on Friday so we'll see the doctor this week, no matter what. I just hope she starts feeling better soon. When they're still this little, things are just so much harder on their little bodies.

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Unknown said...

We also got the 'well, it could be THE flu' line this morning... if that's what it was, it was mild, to say the least... i kinda hope it was, but i'm doubtful.